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When a designer makes a mistake....

Even when you check and double check sometimes you miss little things. Here you will find corrections to misprints. Just look for the design title below for any corrections your pattern may have. If you have found a mistake and don't see a corrections here please contact us and we'll make sure we include it. 

Sing Hey! - on the thread key the DMC conversions should all move one space up and should be as follows:

                    GAK 7070 Forest Deep  =  DMC 844

                    CRE 166 Hickory Sticks  =  DMC 3031

                    CRE 029 Spinach  =  DMC 500

                    CRE 197 Ribbon Red  =  DMC 304

February Little Winter Fling - The thread listed as CRE 012 Cupid is Classic Colorworks Cupid

Summer Cottage - The thread listed as DMC 80 Drab Brown should be DMC 08 Drab brown. 

Santa Ornaments - The DMC thread listed as 3379 should be 3779. It is a flesh color. :)

The McSparkle Bros. - On the hats there is an "S" symbol unaccounted for on the thread key. You can use either DMC B5200 or E5200(DMC Light Effects). Both are white but the Light Effects is sparkly. You can decide if you would like to use it or not!

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