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Wholesale with Luhu

Setting up direct ordering from Luhu Stitches

As a California business owner I must adhere to certain regulations when selling in a wholesale capacity. One of those is having proper paperwork for all shops that I sell to at a wholesale price. If paperwork is not on hand for your shop then I will need to charge sales tax regardless of the price you pay for items. 


All wholesale ordering can be done on this site. Once I've received your application and it has been approved you will be sent a password. 

  • Payment will be done on site.

  • There is an initial order minimum of $50 for new accounts

  • Any order over $80 receives free shipping 

Auto-Ship Program

All of the above is required for signing up for this program.

  • You will be automatically invoiced prior to release.

  • You will receive all new releases two weeks before general release.

  • Guaranteed free shipping regardless of billed amount.

  • You must agree to receive a minimum of 3 each of any new releases. 

  • You may adjust the number of patterns per release you receive at any time as long as it is not less than 3.

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